Our New Hostess

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Christine was born in Normandy. At a very young age she enjoyed going fishing in the Chanel Sea with her father and his friends. After graduating as a registered nurse, she moved to South of France were she practised as a free lance nurse for over 30 years. For many years she owned a motor boat and spent most of her free time exploring the French Riviera Coast, fishing and diving. She has a scuba diving license, level 2. She is an avid motorcyclist and a very good snowboarder. She also skydives and performed several marathons. She owns a horse for the past ten years and rides it in beautiful Provence back country.

Her cuisine is based on fresh organic ingredients, with a Mediterranean twist. She enjoys cooking exotic meals from the Indian Ocean. She gets her inspiration from her many voyages to visit her sister who lives in La Réunion, a French territory in the Indian Ocean.

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