Sometimes it’s just great to go back to the very beginning

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Years ago I started my first company with sewing cushions, curtains and slipcovers. Well I haven’t done much sewing lately being on a sailboat for so many years but I thought what a great time to spruce up the cockpit cushions and the salon seat slipcovers before our next marketing event. Our central agent, Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage, will be holding this event the first week of June in Antibes, South of France.

After a little research on the internet to find a fabric store on Lanzarote, I located one in Arrecife. Off I went in my little rental car to try and navigate the maze of downtown. It’s all one ways, tiny alleys, with little or no signage. Well to my surprise I found El Kilo which is right behind the church on the main square on my first go and actually discovered LEGAL parking at the same time.

El Kilo turned out to be one of my favorite types of fabric stores. Bolts and bolts of all types of material piled up to the ceiling where you could barely squish between the aisles. After a little searching and much hand signaling, I left El Kilo armed with a rather large bag of 3 very heavy fabrics and supplies. Off I went to the boat to try and create a sewing room to work in.

I had purchased an old sewing machine from our German engineer who had done some recent repairs on Curanta Cridhe. It had been his grandmother’s machine and he looked to be about my age so I was hoping it was going to be OK. It actually was almost the same machine I had started my design career with so very many years ago. Now the challenge was to set it up and where?

We had been having quite a bit of wind and rain in the past few weeks so we had installed what Thierry and I like to call the “Florida Room” which is what we call the closed-in porches in Quebec. Ours protects the cockpit from inclement weather so we stay warm and dry on blustery sailing days and passages. It has actually turned out to be a great spot for my sewing “atelier”!

It might be a bit in the way :-) and just a wee bit small but I’m managing to start my production of cushion covers, tableclothes, slipcovers…. for Curanta Cridhe and in doing so bring back quite a few great memories.

Now if I could just get that sewing machine pedal to work properly!

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