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As much as I enjoy cooking for my charter guests I do appreciate an evening off especially at the end of a charter. One thing that Thierry starting doing for me at the beginning of our boating career, which has become a lovely tradition, is to take me out to a restaurant of my choice at the end of a charter. I am a bit of a research “freak” so I’m off to the internet to check out what are my choices in location, type of food, ambiance, etc. This is also an opportunity to pick up some great ideas.

We were docked at Port de Bonifacio, Corsica and there seemed to be quite a choice within walking distance down on the shore. We both agreed we certainly weren’t up to walking at a 90-degree angle to have dinner close to the Citadel! This narrowed my choices. As the first restaurant in my selection was full for the first service, I telephoned l’An Faim on 7 Montée Rastello just at the base of one of those very long climbs to the top. I was answered by a friendly voice who actually understood my stumbling French and we were in luck for 7:30 p.m. to be seated on the terrace

A five-minute stroll from the boat around the base of the harbor and just in front of l'église Saint Erasme we were seated on the terrace of l’An Faim where we could enjoy the street scene. There was plenty of high entertainment value to be had with strolling “beautiful people”, families with little ones and even a man dressed as an angel including his white bedroom slippers handing out candies. 

What a meal we had. From the fresh tuna paté amuse bouche to the final cheese board for Thierry and my mille-feuille it was wonderful. The setting, service, food, plating, imaginative menu as well as the Corsican wine; everything was fantastic. 

A restaurant that I would definitely not hesitate to recommend. 19800884_869678599862597_6671549441176201314_o.jpg

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