Great reception at the Antigua Boat Show

Posted on Feb 03, 2016 by

I guess I could say “Well Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”. In fact Thierry and I are now with Curanta Cridhe in the B.V.I. What an exciting time we’ve been having. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself too much.


At the beginning of December, we attended the Antigua Yacht Show where we introduced Curanta Cridhe and ourselves to brokers from all over the world. I was excited to find out what their reactions would be after making some interior changes. It was so much fun to fall back on my years of experience as an Interior Designer in Montreal and restyle the guest cabins.I also added some new touches to the salon and exterior dining area in the cockpit. 


And we mustn’t forget those bean bag chairs that our guests can’t get into fast enough. So much fun to see adult men calling “Shot Gun on the bean bag!!!!” Well I wasn’t disappointed. The brokers loved the boat calling her a “gem”. As for my new linens, accessories, rugs, cushions and bean bag chairs…. Words like calming, elegant, luxurious and relaxing were just a few. So satisfying to feel that your vision is received well. I can’t wait to share this wonderful boat with our guests. 

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