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Who would have thought when I started this boating adventure almost four years ago in Quebec, that I would have traveled the Med, Caribbean, across the Atlantic, back to France to then end up standing in my bright, blue and very efficient galley looking out at the Scottish mountains. My partner, Thierry, and I had never been to Scotland when we accepted a new mandate on board Curanta Cridhe, a 50’ Discovery Catamaran based in Dunstaffnage, a small village just north of Oban, Argyll.

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After almost 4 months on Curanta Cridhe, I feel that I’ve settled in a “wee” bit. I’m starting to understand the language; who would have thought English could be, at times, so unrecognizable! Thierry and I have changed roles as now I’m his translator when he was mine in France. I’m feeling more comfortable shifting gears with my left hand while turning the steering wheel with my right though I still sometimes turn the wipers on when I really mean to use the turning indicator.If you were a “fly on the wall” you might hear me saying out loud “left, left, left” when driving into the round-a-bouts. All in all, it has been an amazing discovery of wonderfully warm and welcoming people, a relaxed pace of life, the most stunning scenery with unexpected big skies and sightings of birds and sea life.


Being the chef/hostess/deckhand, which basically means that I’m wearing deck shoes, an apron, and holding a tray of drinks while setting out the boat fenders, I’m responsible for quite a variety of tasks. Adapting recipes to the local ingredients is one that I really enjoy. On Curanta Cridhe I’m blessed to have a well equipped, bright and open galley, where I can interact with guests while still preparing meals.Scotland has amazing fresh seafood so that is where I’ve been concentrating my exploration. I’ve blended my Mediterranean cooking style with the local fresh fish and our guests have been enjoying fresh scallops, salmon, haddock, langoustine, lobster….. yum I love my job!


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