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3rd april 2021

We arrived in France one week ago and it seems already more, the handover with the previous captain Thierry is making us super busy night and day; France is paralysed by the COVID restrictions and we cannot move more then 10km from the Port: a perfect time to step in this new adventure using all our time to know as much as possible this beautiful boat.

We were impatient to go out to sea, because the real feeling with a boat is built by miles and sea hours. We planned to go out yesterday because today there is a east wind that gives us the opportunity to open the fantastic parasailor spinnaker.

We sailed whit Thierry to the Îles de Lérins in front of Cannes and we enjoyed sailing along the coast dominated by the Esterel massif with its red cliffs. Only 16 miles from Port Frejus, just enough time to take note of the best anchorages and arrive at our destination.

These islands are a very unspoiled place, there are no cars or hotels on them, they are real oases of peace and tranquility, light years away from the confusion of the Côté d’Azur.

The smaller Île Saint-Honorat houses a Cistercian monastery inhabited by about twenty monks who have cultivated the island’s vineyards for centuries. Taking a walk on the island is a step back in time. Everything here is silent and nature at this time of the year is lush and colourful.

However the most beautiful thing about this place is the water and its colour, exactly in the middle between the two islands the sea becomes turquoise! We spent the last seasons between Caribbean and Sardinia so it is really not easy to surprise us!

A little taste of this fantastic spot and then: anchorage, batteries, gens and water maker tests, all done to be ready for the season.

The first night at anchor is always a magic moment and we received the best “welcome on board” by the sun that didn’t miss the appointment and gave us a splendid sunset over the sea.

We can’t wait to bring our guests here when the sun gets warmer.

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