Curanta Cridhe’s first charter in the Med

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Our first charter just ended in Bonifacio, Corsica and we can proudly say it was a true success. We were blessed to receive on board Curanta Cridhe a very nice Brazilian family. I picked them up at the Calvi airport in Corsica. They began their family vacation with a few days in Paris, France, then they put their bags on the teak deck of Curanta Cridhe

We left Calvi almost immediately and sailed South toward the Scandola Natural Reserve. This extraordinary Park is well known for its breath-taking sceneries.

To add a little bit of drama I choose to pass between Gargalu Island and the shore, a very narrow and shallow passage. The weather was perfect and Anne was at the bow guiding me through the rocks. Then we explored the various “Calanques” each one more beautiful than the one before. We passed Punta Muchilina and headed toward one of my favorite Corsican spots: Girolata.

This anchorage is set in a very tiny bay protected by a hill on which was built a medieval castle. There is a very small village composed of 15 inhabitants in winter and 45 during the summer season. The architecture and construction method of these stone houses is very typical. We walked through the village and stopped in a beautiful terrace with a magnificent view on the Anchorage.

We ordered some Corsican charcuterie and cheese and Corsican red wine. Back on the boat, we prepared for our guest a nice meal with BBQ grilled meat and great wine.

The next morning, Anne and I woke up early and without making a noise, left the mooring while our guests were still sleeping. We passed Cap Rossu and headed toward Sagona. A beautiful beach was waiting for us under this hot and dry Mediterranean weather. The water was at the perfect temperature. 

Our guests dove and did snorkeling along the shore. Then they spent a wonderful moment on the sandy beach. But the highlight of the day was their Sub-Wing experience! Everybody tried it and was amazed by the feeling of being drawn under the water using these wings to go down or up, as you wish. The trick is to remember that we are mammals and we need to come to the surface to breathe… After lunch, we pulled the anchor and continued our adventure. A thermal breeze was blowing and we hoisted the sail until we reached Port Provencal. 

We searched for the best anchorage and once it was chosen, we did some crazy wakeboarding under the last sun rays of the day.

The morning of day 3 was a magic one with a beautiful sunrise, typical blue Mediterranean warm water, and incredible light. Once the anchor was on deck the boat started to slide gently on the water. We passed the famous “Iles Sanguinaires” renowned for the numerous sailors who died in the sinking of their ships. The Mediterranean Sea can be traitorous sometimes…. We crossed the Golfe d’Ajaccio and passed Cap Muro, en route to Porto Pollo and its beautiful sandy beach. While the parents were having a romantic walk on the beach, I inflated our Great Big Mable for the insatiable kids always looking for more fun and excitement. 

I gave them the ride they wanted and their parents even joined them for a while. It was time for lunch and right after we sailed to Cala de Tizzano, a historic bay discovered by the Phoenicians merchants 3000 years ago. We dropped the anchor in a very small protected place and prepared a delightful dinner.

The morning after, we sailed to the golf of Roccapina. The Lion sculpted in the rocks of the cliff dominating the beach was there to welcome us. This beach is really amazing and we spent a lot of time playing with various water toys. Despite the natural charm of the Lion de Roccapina, we had to leave this superb beach and sail again more south as Sardegna was in sight and her charm was calling us…

We cleared the dangerous reefs “Les Moines” and set a course under sail toward the Strait of Bonifacio. We had a good downwind leg to the northern point of Sardegna. I choose to drop the anchor in a very protected bay: Porto Puddu. It was Italian summer vacation at its best with many boats gathering and a beautiful sunset in a peaceful bay.

Our last day of charter had a nice challenge: Defying the numerous rocks of the Lavezzi Islands! We sailed very early and choose to drop the anchor in Cala Giunco, on Lavezzi Island. When we arrived we were only one of two boats in the bay. At noon, we were twenty…

All the bags were packed and after lunch, it was time to leave.

We sailed toward Bonifacio and entered in this stunning natural port. The citadel dominates the harbor. We stopped at the fuel dock and managed to prevent collision with a multitude of boats running in all directions. The traffic in the port was very hectic, to say the least. We got our reserved berth and had a shower. It was time to explore this incredible fortified city. We took the little train that drove us to the top of the cliff and we walked to the restaurant, admiring the view, the architecture of the buildings, and watching the people passing by.

After dinner, we walked through the tiny streets of the old city. There was a Festival of light show (Festi-Lumi) everywhere in the city, the walls of the citadel were gigantic screens telling us the amazing story of this unique place.

The day after, our guests left Curanta Cridhe for the Figari Airport, close to Bonifacio. There was a special spark in their eyes and a beautiful smile telling me: Mission accomplished!

They will remember forever their magical cruise in Corsica onboard of Curanta Cridhe.

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